Injury Prevention

Top Three Tips for Runners This Summer

‘Tis the season to run.  With summertime fast approaching, now is the time that people typically decide that they want to take up running for the first time or for runners who have gone into hibernation over winter to begin to remerge and start putting on running shoes again.  Here are 3 tips to start

Injury Prevention

Why is my Child experiencing knee pain?

Have you noticed your child has rapidly begun growing recently and is now complaining to you about knee pain? If so, keep reading as today we will discuss the 2 most common causes of knee pain in growing children and young teenagers. As your child reaches puberty, growing is inevitable. However, some children grow at

Pain Reduction

Top 5 Benefits of Massage for Basketballers

Massage can be highly beneficial for basketball players due to several reasons: 1. Muscle Recovery: Basketball involves intense physical activity, which can lead to muscle soreness, tightness, and fatigue. Massage helps in reducing muscle tension, promoting blood circulation, and flushing out metabolic waste products like lactic acid. This aids in faster recovery, alleviates muscle soreness,

Injury Prevention


Musicians can face many challenges across their musical careers and at Ace Sports Clinic we consider musicians to be athletes in their own right. The majority of musicians will encounter a music related injury at some point throughout their career which can have a major effect on their ability to play whether, they are a


Enhance your health & try floating today

Ace Sports Clinic is proud to announce a collaboration with Water Temple in Armadale. For the month of June and July 2023, purchase a treatment 5-pack (osteo, physio, exercise physiology or massage) and receive a complimentary float session at the Water Temple on us*. In line with our commitment to helping improve your health and


10 Strategies to Enhance Your Recovery & Healing

Our autonomic nervous system is composed of the Sympathetic nervous system(“Fight or Flight”) and the Parasympathetic nervous system (“Relax and Digest)”. Our nervous system enables our bodies to react to continuous changes in both our internal and external environments. The autonomic (or ‘automatic’) nervous system is responsible for many functions that you don’t have to think about to


3 Key to Optimal Shoulder Function

The mechanics behind your shoulder joint. Do you have difficulty reaching your arm out to the side or overhead with ease and control? Whether you are Roger Federer competing in a major tennis tournament or Joe Soap cleaning shelves in your home, the correct positioning or alignment of your shoulder joint is critical for optimum


Calf Capacity for Running

Is your calf capacity holding you back from your running goals? When we run, we rely on our calf muscles to produce relentlessly high outputs, maintain running form and ensure efficient movement, while avoiding injury. Along with other muscle groups in the leg, the calves need to repeatedly withstand and produce high forces, on every


Why Sitting is the New Smoking & How Exercise Can Help

Did you know that sitting for extended periods of time can be detrimental to your health?  According to Statistics Canada, 12% of adults aged 18 to 79 spend 8 or more hours being sedentary, and 50.1% of participants reported increased sitting habits. Studies show that extended periods of sitting can increase the risks of developing