How Physical Therapy Can Prevent Future Injuries


Most people think about physiotherapy when they absolutely need to. This is often due to an acute injury or post-surgery; however, visiting a physical therapist can significantly benefit your health and help to prevent future injuries.

Physio work involves many possible options and processes to ensure an overall improvement of your wellbeing. For this reason, we work closely with each client to formulate a tailored plan that will provide optimal benefit for their exact situation.

As the physio Malvern trusts, Ace Sports have put together some info about how regular physiotherapy, even when you are not injured, can help ensure you stay that way. Read on for some helpful info and contact our team if you would like to organise a regular appointment and invest in your health and wellness.

Regular physiotherapy can help you to avoid surgery

Nobody likes the idea of surgery as it can be painful and expensive. In some cases, surgical outcomes can be worse than the pre-surgery condition. So, why not do everything you can to avoid this situation? Surgery should be considered a last resort and is certainly sometimes the best option, but not all surgeries are medically necessary.

There are some conditions that can be treated with non-invasive options, and physiotherapy is one of these options. If you have a muscular injury or health condition that can be treated with physical therapy, it may be best to opt for this solution before deciding to go for the surgery.

Improve mobility with a regular physio visit

There have been many studies that state a correlation between physical therapy and an increase in functional mobility. It also makes perfect sense as moving our body regularly while increasing our range of motion increases in quality with practice. Good quality movement allows us to have a high quality of life.

We can also forget or ignore this very easily as it can be hard to find the time to exercise. This is also beneficial for those with past injuries, as a trained physiotherapist designs specific exercises for your needs.

Lessen the effects of ageing

As we age, issues such as arthritis and osteoporosis can appear, which will cause discomfort and reduce mobility. A physio can help to slow down these conditions and provide guidance on what type of exercises to do and when to help maintain joint and bone health, which is especially beneficial.

Manage heart and lung disease

Those who have a heart condition should still maintain some level of exercise (after consulting with a cardiologist). If you have a pulmonary condition, exercise can help strengthen the lungs.

In both cases, physiotherapists are trained to help with such conditions via controlled exercises that do not push the body hard but do generate positive results. Our Malvern Physios also help manage other chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Osteoarthritis and Obesity.

Prevention of future accidents

A big part of staying healthy is not injuring yourself, and a better physical condition with improved balance can decrease the chances of injury. By working with one of our physiotherapists, you can strengthen your body, improve core strength, and achieve better balance. This leads to fewer falls, decreased chance of fractures and reduced injuries.

Lessen stress and help the body heal with therapeutic massage

Everybody can benefit from a good massage regularly to improve their health. Therapeutic massage, also known as soft tissue mobilisation or STM, can help treat chronic pain and improve recovery post exercise.

With a regular soft tissue massage, your tight muscles will be loosened and relaxed, which is particularly beneficial for sore muscles as the process will stimulate blood and lymphatic flow. This reduces tissue swelling around inflamed joints and helps you to feel and move better overall.

Regular massage therapy is a great way to cope with stress and tension. As we reduce our stress levels, the stress hormone cortisol levels in our body decrease. This not only assists with healing but is a big part of maintaining a balanced system. Our Physio team in Malvern works collaboratively with our Remedial Massage Therapists to deliver the best results for you.

How often should I see a physio?

This will depend on every individual’s lifestyle, injuries and needs. The goal is to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle free from injury. For those active in sports and exercise, you may require a regularly scheduled appointment more frequently than those who are less active.

Our physiotherapy experts in Malvern will assess your lifestyle to design a schedule that will maintain and maximise your body’s potential. We find that those who come in proactively for a regular check up, have less issues with their bodies and can continue to enjoy the freedom of optimal motion.

In some cases, we start with three visits per week initially for optimal benefits, after which your physiotherapist will have a clearer idea as to the optimal frequency of visits.The best frequency will be dependent upon:

  • The diagnosis of your condition
  • Your individualised plan of care and goals
  • Our recommendation
  • Your progress

After each visit, your performance and progress will be documented and used as part of a comprehensive evaluation by your physiotherapist. This allows our expert team to update you on your progress and make therapy recommendations for future treatment.

Looking for regular physio? Malvern turns to ACE Sports Clinic

Access the benefits of regular physiotherapy with help from the team here at ACE Sports Clinic in Malvern. Our highly-trained health professionals work hard to consider your overall situation and design a program that will benefit your whole body, rather than just treating areas of concern. We are renowned for providing solutions and getting to the root cause of your problem.

We achieve this by offering a range of collaborative therapies to help you lead an active, healthy life inclusive of:

The best suited to you will depend on your needs, but by offering this range, we can account for almost any ailment or situation. Our tailored process and team approach ensure that the program recommended to you encompasses every element required to find the best level of care, and best results for you.

Speak to our friendly and experienced Physio team in Malvern to arrange a consultation. We will work with you to understand your current situation, goals and which regular therapy options, will be best suited to your overall health and wellbeing. With ACE Sports Clinic, we’ll have you on the road to feeling better every day so you can stay active and participate in all the things you enjoy.

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