How Do You Know If Someone is a Good Sports Physio?

A sports physiotherapist specialises in sports-related injuries and rehabilitation, with the skills and knowledge to diagnose an injury and set up the best management plan for each client. Whether the injury is from a recreational Sunday morning jog or from performing at an elite level daily, all sports physiotherapists can help people at all sporting


The Most Common Physiotherapy Treatments for Healing & Wellbeing

Physiotherapy Malvern – Every year, thousands of Australians seek out some form of physical therapy for injury recovery, chronic pain, sore and stiff bodies and to promote better general health. These people generally seek out physiotherapy via medical references from doctors or other healthcare professionals, or by direct referral from a friend. As Physiotherapists are primary


Sports Clinic: Tips to Help Your Young Athlete Achieve with their Sport

Do you have children or adolescents participating in sport?  There is an upward trend in sport participation amongst children and adolescents which signifies that many young athletes and parents understand the benefits of physical activity beginning at a young age. With this increased participation in sport, it is important to identify factors that may lead