Dr Ramona Packham
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Dr Ramona Packham Osteopath

BSc, MHSc (Osteo)

Ramona completed her Bachelor of Science and Master of Health Science in Osteopathy at Victoria University, Melbourne. During her studies, Ramona completed placements at community clinics where she learned to manage a variety of clients with complex conditions, including those with mental illness and addictions. Working with these clients developed some of Ramona’s core values as a practitioner including empathy and the importance of listening.

Ramona uses a range of techniques to treat injuries, dysfunction and discomfort, with a special interest in visceral technique. Her objectives are founded on the importance of managing the whole person with a firm belief in the principle that the body is a unit.

Ramona has over 20 years of ballet training and is passing on her passion as a freelance dance teacher. Her foundation in ballet training inspired her to pursue education of the human body and how it moves, which she views as a lifelong mission. Ramona also has experience working with football players at Altona Football Club and Port Melbourne Football Club (VFL) where she developed acute injury management skills. It is this experience which makes Ramona empathetic and understanding of the physical and mental demands of disciplined training and coping with injury.

Ramona is a trained Clinical Pilates instructor, completing her certification through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. She enjoys teaching mat work classes and integrates this knowledge into her client management.


Sporting Background: Netball, ballet, contemporary, salsa
Interests: Dance and Pilates, hiking, spending time with family and friends
Passionate About: Building relationships, creating safe environments, and facilitating optimal functionality and movement.
Favourite Quote:  Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.