Dr Sarah Nugent Osteopath

BSci (Clin. Sci), MHSci (Osteo)

Sarah completed her Masters of Osteopathy following a Bachelor of Science at RMIT in Melbourne. Graduating with distinction enabled her to work as a practical assistant to osteopathic students in their lectures. This passion for education led her to volunteer in Africa where she assisted physiotherapists in treating clients in the hospital, as well as teaching osteopathic techniques and philosophy. Sarah is passionate about education and believes that the more one can understand about the human body, the more one can live a happier and healthier life. It is this philosophy that Sarah uses not only in her own life but in the treatment of her clients. 

Sarah uses a direct approach to treatment and has pursued further studies in myofascial dry needling, kinesiology taping, myofascial techniques and studies into women's health; including visceral techniques and treatment through pregnancy. Her treatment goal is to find the cause of a person's complaint and to not just treat the symptoms. In addition to hands on techniques, Sarah provides sound advice and education on workplace ergonomics, nutrition, rehabilitation and appropriate exercise prescription. 

Sarah has experience in treating a multitude of different sporting persons including Australian footballers and netballers, golfers, tennis players and children in sport. She is interested in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints including headaches and neck pain, back pain, postural complaints, pregnancy and post-partum issues, and various sporting injuries. 

Sarah has spent the last two years working at our clinic in Toronto, Canada, before returning to Australia to work in the Melbourne clinic. Sarah is well versed in the ‘Ace Way’ with experience working with a multi-disciplinary team. She believes that health is never a single-faceted approach, but often needs a multi-disciplinary and more holistic approach. Sarah takes into account all areas of a client’s health to give them an individualized treatment plan.

Sporting Background: Rowing, basketball, pilates, circuit training
Interests: Random facts and having a good chat, volunteering, travelling, exploring and getting lost, rowing
Passionate about: Health and fitness, exploring and experiencing new things
Favourite Quote: If you believe you can, then you will.