Kerilos Philips – Osteopath

Dr. Kerilos (Kay) has a keen interest and passionate in the human body. He combines the most current evidence based research, anatomy and biology to achieve best patient care. Kerilos’ combines hands on manual therapy and rehabilitation to treat patients. He uses many different techniques as needed, to work on all different structures of the body.

When in his treatment room, Kerilos is passionate about treating acute problems such as fractures, tears and post operative patients. He also enjoys treating chronic problems including tendinopathy and chronic pain. Kerilos has also had success treating disability patients with cerebral palsy and children with musculoskeletal problems due to disease.

Graduating with a Masters of Osteopathy, research is in Kerilos’ DNA. He is constantly up to date with the most current information. He works in public, private settings, as well as NDIS, work-cover, TAC and Aged care patients. He also has trained with the Head of rehab at the Northern Hospital.

Kerilos prides himself on tailoring each treatment to the individual as well as focusing on educating and empowering the patient to understand their condition and be involved in their own treatment.When not at work, Kerilos spends time at the gym or running. He also enjoys seeing friends and attends a Coptic Orthodox Church weekly.

Sporting: Kerilos enjoys running and lifting weights.

Interests: The human body, sports, smart-home.