Michael Morris

Michael Morris Strength & Conditioning Coach

BSc (Osteopathy)

Michael is a strength and conditioning coach at Ace Sports Clinic. He is a qualified personal trainer who is also studying osteopathy. Michael has completed his Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University in Melbourne and is currently in his last semester of his Master’s in Health Science (Osteopathy). Michael has a passion for helping and caring for others. He has a strong mental fortitude and believes that with hard work, consistency and persistency, any goal can be achieved.

Michael uses a functional assessment-based approach to help identify any issues one may have when performing exercises or when recovering from injury. With proper technique correction and cueing, Michael can help with any pre-hab and any rehabilitation one may require. Michael has a fascination with the human body, human movement, and biomechanics and loves to solve problems. He strives to keep learning and improving himself with any opportunity that arises.

Michael has experience in working with athletes from multiple training modalities including MMA, bodybuilding, power lifting, Brazilian jiujitsu and gymnastics. He has previously worked in two gyms where he gained various experiences from onsite trainers, physiotherapists and osteopaths. Michael was also a football trainer for the Yarra valley old grammarians football club where he shadowed a sports doctor helping diagnose and manage various traumatic injuries.


Sporting Background: Soccer, football, gymnastics, bodybuilding, powerlifting, martial arts
Interests: Sports and exercise, rehabilitation, running, volunteering, lifting heavy weights, going out with friends, talking about anything
Passionate about: Health and wellbeing, caregiving, exercise, ambition and goal achievement
Favourite Quote: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue which is what counts” – Winston Churchill