Do You Have a Clear Path for Your Injury or Complaint?


Are you wondering what the road to recovery looks like?

At Ace Sports Clinic, we deliver an individualised Client Care Plan providing a clear outline of your injury and what you can expect on your path to recovery.

After working with elite athletes around the world, one question arose, how are these athletes able to train at such a high level and avoid constant injury? The difference is that these athletes have access to a team of health professionals that educate them on their health and guide them on the path for optimal injury recovery. It is this education coupled with a collaborative team of health professionals that allows elite athletes to achieve number one in the world.

If this is a proven model of success, why can’t you also have access to this?

The Ace Client Care Plan is a personalised plan that includes education around your injury and health, an extensive treatment plan, and a clear path for you to achieve successThe Ace Way involves incorporating a team of health professionals as needed to ensure you are able to achieve optimal results.

The Ace Client Care Plan includes:

  • Extensive assessment & specific diagnosis
  • A plan to get you moving forward
  • Personalised treatment & exercise program
  • Strategies for lasting change
  • Advice on ways you can assist in your recovery
  • Understanding using the Anatomy APP

Studies indicate that there is a strong relationship between a client’s understanding of their injury or condition and them experiencing positive health outcomes. Some research indicates that client education around their health can have an impact of up to 75% on their recovery. At Ace, our team of health professionals are driven to educate and empower our clients towards health. With this in mind, the Ace Client Care Plan was developed to help support and educate you through the whole process to deliver optimal results.

Each Client Care Plan is individualized with the initial assessment providing the basis to give you a clear strategy that is tailored for your injury and unique situation. Clear advice and treatment is provided from our therapists who are trained at the highest levels. Treatment is personalised with explanation being provided with the use of Anatomy apps, and online exercise programs that are tailored to you.

The Ace Way is all about collaboration and inspiring high performance. We are passionate about working in a team in order to give you a clear direction of what to do, why and when.

If professional sporting teams and elite athletes have access to a team that communicates and works together, then why don’t you? No one is alone in their path to recovery and no one is left behind because of our team support. 

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Written by Sarah Nugent, Osteopath, Ace Sports Clinic

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